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    3. Consultation hotline:0755-33890082
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      Shenzhen Biaowang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.
      flash-memory chip tester(IC tester)  |  die sorter(chip sorting machine)  |  Chip baking and aging equipment  |  chip testing fixture  |  
      ABOUT US



      About us:Shenzhen Biaowang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading company specializes in semi-product backend and curing equipment in China.
      As a large-scale high-tech enterprise, it integrates design, production, sales and service.Headquartered in Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, it has branches in Dongguan ,Shanghai and Hongkong, besides ,it has offices all over the country. Founded in 2009, during the past decade,It has developed into a  large and medium-sized enterprises.
       Biaowang owns an area of more than 20,000 square meters and more than 300 employees, among which 50 are senior engineers.and more than 150 are engineers and technicians , as well as a group of people who are experienced in installation, commissioning, and after-sales services .The company strictly sticks to  ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 optimization management system, and has formed four main types of leading products: cutting and thinning.
      detection and sorting, high and low temperature aging, baking and drying series. The company has accumulated many years of practical experience since its establishment.
      With continuous exploration, the company has owned advanced R&D technology, strong resource  system, advanced management concept and complete after-sales service.
      We are based on providing customers with overall solutions,  Any problems you put forward, we will solve ASAP.
      The company has long been committed to the concept of sustainable development with equal emphasis on quality and service, and has established complete  pre-sales and after-sales technical services. Our company is deeply trusted by users through sticking to :
      target management, with R&D as the leader, sales as the basis, production as the supply, adheres to the principle of  "customer is God, quality is life".
      In line with the principle of "honesty as the foundation and faith the first", continuously improve the comprehensive performance and service quality of our equipment.
      Open and enterprising, continuous innovation, teamwork and the pursuit of excellence are the core values of all our beneficiaries.
      They are deeply  rooted into the hearts of each of us and are the internal motive force for us to reach  where we are today, the solemn commitment we make to face tomorrow, and the cornerstone we join hands with the world to create a bright future.

      Business Culture:

             Mission:Advanced equitpments come first in the process of intelligent manufacturing , let the world fall in love with the products made in China.
             Vision: To Create a national brand of intelligent equipment to serve global customers
             Spirit: Based on the principle that love our motherland, treat honesty as the goal, be practical and diligent,be dedicated to change.To strive for strength, and to make process every day.
             Values: Talents first, unity and struggle, change and innovation, pursuit of excellence,co-existence and win-win situation.
             Purpose: To create value for customers,  seek  welfare for employees , to take society
             Responsibility and to seek  success for Enterprises
             Business philosophy: To get key technologies , and to build excellent quality equipment.To provide high-quality service and set up the yardstick for the industry

      Professional manufacturer
      It is a leading enterprise in the field of deform separation
      Immediate consultation
      Consultation hotline:0755-33890082
      24-hour hotline:
      TEL:+86 755 33890082   FAX:+86 755 33890083   Addresses :2nd building of Gangtou industrial area, Shajing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen City   
      ?2018 Shenzhen Biaowang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. All rights reserved  
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